Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fresh frozen organic baby meals are rad

While we are waiting on our replacement BabyCook to arrive (they now make a BPA-free version so we sent our first one in for a trade), I have tried some HappyBaby frozen organic meals. I know we are supposed to introduce foods one-at-a-time, but I am willing to take the chance because I seriously doubt he'll have an allergic reaction to SPINACH. Neither Tommy or I have food allergies, so I'm working with genetics here.

Anyway, here is the site:

Today when I sat down to try to eat my pea soup with swiss cheese, Soren thought it was for him and was SO stoked. I had to put down my lunch and fix him some mango/pear/spinach purée. I've been avoiding fruits because I don't want him to fixate on sugary meals over veggies, but this concoction is literally green so I thought it would be a good compromise. And to be fair, he seems to love peas WAY more than the Grrreat Greens.

Monday, October 13, 2008

soren's dad

so the only baby photo we have of tommy is the official hospital baby shot. however, we do have all his school photos. here are the youngest and funniest ones; tommy looked like SUCH a dennis the menace. like, you don't know it but your house is currently going up in smoke.

t, 6½ years (above)

t, 11 years

luckily tommy got a break from filming the breakfast club to sit for this one.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

soren's mom

for those of you who've asked about tommy and/or keri's baby pictures, here is the first installment. Soren's dad's baby pictures pending...

k, 10 days

k, 3 weeks

k, 8 weeks

k, 8 weeks

k, 5 months

k, 7 months

k, 9 months

k, 19 months and nekked!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Yum, Soren had his first green food tonight. He loves avocado!


Tommy's concerted efforts over the past 3 months have finally produced the desired outcome - Soren laughs. I have been telling Soren that if he'd just give up a few laughs to his dad, he'd stop getting harassed so much, but he didn't know what I was saying because he's just a baby! So he still gets harassed. Today he laughed 5 or 6 times in a row, which was pretty funny.

OH, wait...update. He followed up his laughing performance by grabbing his feet and playing with them. Yes, I know this is probably super lame news for most of you out there. Sorry. Anyway, he is concertedly studying his toes as I takes a very valiant effort for a four-month-old to aim and catch something as far away as his foot. He is...trying...very...hard...GOT IT. I love my baby!