Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pictures from the pool

I finally got the disposable water-proof camera developed with pictures from Soren's birthday (his first visit to the pool) and June 9th, our follow-up visit after the pool got a little warmer. The trip on May 26th was pretty chilly, and Soren was displeased with the water temp and subsequent teeth chattering. The hatless photos are from that day; the hatted and UV-blocking shirted photos are from June 9th.

Sorry to post so many photos; I have a hard time editing because I love him so much that I want everyone to see every funny face he makes and all the crazy things he does. I mean, the three people who look at this stuff (you know who you are!)...

On my first birthday proper! It was way too cold for a baby that likes super hot baths.

My butt is too small! It fell through the lounge chair!

This is my goofiest face yet to must have been too sunny.


And relaxin.

Soren was STOKED to see all the kids...even if it was the retard camp's swim hour! He was fascinated by all the weird moans and groans they made. Sorry Alex.

Checking out the water volleyball game.

I love my cute baby. A LOT.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Soren liked the dentist!

The dentist's office was AWESOME! They have the coolest waiting room, with a kitchen, trucks, a picnic tables, and tons of blocks. Soren got mad when we had to go in the back, because he apparently wanted to play in the waiting room all day.

But once we went in the back, it was just as cool. The nurses were super nice, and room was filled with balloons (one of which, Soren got to take home, with a new toothbrush tied to the end). When the dentist came in, Soren went over and hugged her leg, which was fairly weird. I guess he liked the looks of her in her scrubs.

They do baby exams in this fancy lap hold, which worked amazingly well. They got all his teeth super clean, and even got the mirror in there to check everything out. We spotted a new molar coming out of the gum, too! That must explain Soren's recently difficulty sleeping...

Thursday, June 11, 2009


This photo and the other six like it, plus the smudge mark in the upper right-hand corner of all the photos taken after these, plus a midget with sticky hands who really likes pushing buttons and flipping's a mystery!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Soren liked the aquarium!

Tommy took the day off Thursday so we could take Soren to the aquarium (it's difficult coming up with activities EVERY SINGLE DAY of the summer). It was a little weird because Soren missed his morning nap (because he wouldn't sleep in the car on the way to Atlanta) and we weren't sure how he'd hold up. He didn't get cranky at all! He seemed to like the alligator, who liked Soren right back (but as a snack!). His favorite part was all the other kids, though. We are glad Soren is going to start school in a few months, because all he wants is to talk to other kids!

He passed out as soon as we got in the car to go home, which was around 12:30. We finished the aquarium AND had lunch in two hours flat. It took longer than that to get to and from Atlanta!