Monday, December 8, 2008

For-real stockings

We finally decided on the stockings we want to have for the next 18+ years. We ultimately chose these:

Mom's is the dancing tree, Dad's is the skiing snowman, and Son's is the canoeing snowmen. They're so athletic!

They are also made of wool, so we are going to have to invest in some serious mothball action for the stockings plus the garland and the tree skirt. Moths are lame! Wait, I mean cedar, not mothballs.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

New car seat

Soren has outgrown his infant carrier so we had to get him a new (convertible) seat for the car (from Amazon, NOT Target). He looked so big in his baby seat, but now he looks like such a peanut in this gigantor. It will hold him up to 65 pounds, which I am assuming is way more than any reasonable car-seat-bound child should weigh.

Now we are ready for all the traveling we have to do in the next few weeks. He was actually totally happy all strapped into his seat in the living room, so hopefully he will also be a bit happier on car trips that last more than 20 minutes. At any rate, he should be way less bored now that he can look out the window.

Only 18 months and 18 pounds to go before he can face forward!

Friday, December 5, 2008

OMG our house is so beige.

We bought a real tree this year, (our first), so as to start out on the right foot with Santa (on behalf of Soren). However, we don't want to just throw up a ton of crappy ornaments from a Bigga-Lots 50-pack or some glittery junk from Target, so we've decided to take our time collecting nice ones (until the good stuff starts rolling in, handmade by Little Man). Real ornaments are pretty expensive, though, so we're waiting until the post-Christmas sales to start collecting. For this year, we are just going with lights, hand-strung garland of felted-wool balls, and this moose puppet as the tree topper (which I think is pretty cute!).