Sunday, August 31, 2008

Birthday weekend

Aunt Alex, Uncle Rich, Mamie, and Papi came to visit this weekend for Papi's birthday dinner. He's 49! We also celebrated Vero's birthday and Rich & Alex's anniversary.

Soren got some fancy new duds from France. They are SOOOOO cute, and they all coordinate. Like Garanimals, but way more stylin'--dark blue corduroy, dark demin, polar fleece, and gray and brown sweaters (he also now matches our living room). They are all sized 1-year, since Little Man is currently wearing 6-months...these should fit for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Soren's dad really wants an adult version of the brown double-breasted sweater with a button-on hoodie:

Of course, out of ALL his stuff, this is what he was most fascinated with (I guess all kids just really like cardboard boxes, especially ones that play music):

Everyone left this morning after hanging out with Soren for one last hour. They love him!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Working out the wrinkles

Nanny Kate said Soren is the happiest baby she's ever met! He is also apparently heavily intrigued by her son, Julian. Soren is becoming socialized!

We are also getting reports back about how much Soren likes to talk. We figured that out the other night when he babbled from 10pm to 11pm, although we were all in bed with the lights out. SOME of us were trying to get some sleep...BABIES.

He is napping a little better in his new environment now. We got an extra video monitor set up at the nanny's so that she can feel secure letting him sleep on his tum during naps (he'll sleep for hours and hours like that, but only about 30 minutes max on his back if it isn't night time). He napped for 2 hours there today, and has been napping for 3 hours at home this evening. Five hours is his minimum daytime nap quota, so we're doing fair. Hopefully we'll never see the overwrought meltdown we witnessed the night of his first day away from home--that was a MESS. More sleep! More sleep!

Monday, August 25, 2008

That baby is crazy!

Soren has suddenly figured out that he can grab things with his hands in order to put said things in his mouth. He's been doing this for a while with anything cloth, but now he has moved on to the toys hanging above his activity mat. Even more impressive, today (perhaps inadvertently) he overtly opted to hang on to the couch while standing next to it--I guess the instinct NOT to fall over is pretty strong, even in a three-month-old. He stood completely self-sufficiently for a few seconds. He will definitely be walking within the next six months, no doubt. Crawling is another matter--he never hangs out on the floor long enough to get the chance.

He also now lunges his body in the direction that he'd like to go--Tommy was holding him yesterday and I was standing next to them, and Soren made it clear by using his arms and body that he preferred to go with the milk lady. He's smart! He's also in all 6-month-sized clothing! We think he is about 25 inches long, from what we can tell by laying him down on my cloth-cutting template marked with inches. He's tall AND squirmy...

No longer undocumented...

The bottom third is folded up--don't worry, there's a dad on there at the bottom! And it's Tommy!


Soren has officially doubled his birth weight (it's like carrying around TWO babies)! Last night he weighed 16 pounds, 9ish ounces. I tried to catch him when he weighed 16 pounds, 6 ounces (truly double) but I missed that, uh, window. Tommy said I could probably wait him out and he'd spit up 3 or 4 ounces so I could weigh him again.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And he laughs!

Soren laughed for real last night for the first time while his Dad played Tickle Monster! He did it for me this morning again when I gave him raspberries on his belly. It's very VERY funny because he has a very deep voice.

Soren loves the nanny!

Well Soren stayed with Miss Kathleen today, and he seemed to like it quite a bit. When I picked him up at the end of the day he actually didn't seem all that interested in leaving Miss Kathleen's arms. Then he cried when I held him. While that might sound bad to some, it makes me feel a ton better about leaving him three times a week.
Kathleen's son Julian, however, was not happy about the new baby in the house. He won't be wanting a little brother or sister anytime soon, it seems.
And little man loves the swing! We'll be checking out after this post. By the way, check out Soren's latest trick, blowing bubbles.